Door-Stop’s Secure Guarantee

Having a door fitted will not always guarantee the latest security. Burglars are pretty good at finding the weak points, but with the Door-Stop ERA lock it’s so difficult to break in to that in the extremely unlikely event it does happen we offer our Secure guarantee.

Register your door with us here (or by post) once it’s fitted. Then in the unlikely event you have a break-in because the door lock has been broken, complete a claim form with your crime reference number and we’ll begin the process of replacing your door - FREE - along with £500 compensation. See full guarantee terms.

With the Secure Guarantee, if your door’s lock is beaten we promise to...

Replace your door.

Give you £500.

Transfer our promise to the next homeowner.

For the next 10 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Door-Stop Secure Guarantee?

It’s really easy. Make sure that your door is fitted with the ERA lock, then register it directly with Door-Stop.

How much does the Door-Stop Secure Guarantee cost?

Absolutely nothing.

How do I register my door?

On the hinge edge of your door you will see an energy rating certificate. On this certificate is your door registration number (starting with DS). You will need this number to complete the registration process online here, or by post using the registration card in the homeowner pack that accompanies your door.

How is the installer / installation company involved?

The Door-Stop Secure Guarantee is a promise straight from Door-Stop to you. The installer does not need to be involved in either the registration or claims process.

How to Claim

As with any crime, you need to report it to the police immediately. Then when they have investigated and provided a crime number, let us know by filling in this form or sending back the claim card in your homeowner pack.

Door-Stop will arrange for an ERA engineer to visit you to assess the damage. At the same time, we will send you out a claim form. Please complete this and return it to us within 28 days.

Door-Stop, once in receipt of the engineers report and claim form, will write to you to confirm the status of your claim, and to make an appointment for reinstallation. Please note, the replacement door shall be indentical in specification to your original door. In the event that a component of your original door has been superceded at the time of a claim we reserve the right to change specification.

We’ll then send you a cheque for £500!

Genuine Door-Stop doors offer the very best in strength, easy maintenance, security and weather resistance. Homes all over the UK are safer and look better with these doors.
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